Air Fryer VS Convection Oven – Why To Choose Air Fryer For Frying


We are living in an age of information and technology, All we do needs some speed and impressive result. It is usually the same with our cooking food. Nowadays, cooking should be luxurious, easy and stress-free.It is appropriate to say that we have our answers with technology providing us numerous cooking tools to select from and sometimes, it becomes confusing which of this lengthy list of cooking technology you choose to pick for your kitchen.Two most popular common kitchen appliances are available, which have really reduced our stress. They are the Air fryer and the convection oven.

If you love to cook various dishes and to think the dissimilarity between air fryer cooking and the convection oven, to choose the best for your kitchen.Read below to get all your answers.Technically speaking, they do the same thing, but this article will help you by comparing the two to make a decision, and here you go.


Let’s use the following criteria for our comparison:


The convection oven prepares your dish with the help of convective heat transfer method, a radiation which is produced from a heating element.Here the interior fans complete the task of heat circulation for even transfer of heat to food that is being made.In the case of the Air Fryer, it uses rapid air technology for heating, hot air comes from a heating element, is max which is blown down from the top by the system’s fans to prepare the food.

2.Size And Smartness

When it comes to size, air fryer is smaller whose cis maxed3 litres as compared to the convection oven having 26 liters capacity making Air Fryer faster; it also uses less oil and space, which makes it a better and smarter option comparatively0.

3.Efficient Cooking

As we all know when a product is effective, it saves your time as well as a lot of money and between air fryer and convection oven, Air Fryer is much more efficient since it uses the technology rapid air circulation system, making it 50% more efficient as compared to the convection oven.The convection oven also has fans which emit the hot air evenly.Although, it doesn’t work with rapid air technology.It can be said that both devices enable baking as well as roasting, but the air fryer can do grilling better, while the convection oven is better in toasting and broiling.

4.Capacity To Cook More In A Single Turn.

Looking at Air Fryer and the convection oven from a quantity of cooking in a single turn, the convection oven is better since it comes bigger than Air Fryer cooker.Although, considering its efficiency as well as the smartness, which can result in better cooking in lesser time, Air fryer cooker still leads as you can cook more in a short period of time.

5.Crisp And Juiciness Cooking

One of the major reasons you cook is to have your crispy and tasty food. In this case, Air Fryer provides a much better result as compared to the convection oven.In order to sustain the crispiness of your food, the convection oven is better. Although, if you are a professional cook, you can get both with the help the air fryer.The convection oven would enable the user to cook more food than the air fryer, because of-of its size.

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Air fryers are best for preparing food that too without oil since it removes extra oil that drains and collect at the bottom of the pan, that results in crispy as well as delicious food having free of calories which could have come from oil frying.So that you may make a good choice.Both the equipment whether microwave with convection and air fryer prepares the food with hot air circulation. But, while comparing the effectiveness, air fryer is approximately 50% more effective as well as fast because it used the rapid air circulation technology.  the air circulation is faster too, the rate of heat transfer from air to food, the cooking is faster in air fryer. But in terms of capacity, microwave convection beats the air fryer in this matter.

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