Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer 100B Airfryer Review & Online Discounts


The Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer might not be a famous brand because it is not highly advertised, but it is correct to say that over the past years it has generated a good reputation from many positive customer feedback. Th3.3-quart capacity air fryer enables you to cook “fried” foods with a little oil, and it comes with the accessory pack. It can also be used for roasting, baking, as well as grilling purposes.

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Why Should You Buy The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B Airfryer?

The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100 is available in attractive colors to compliment your kitchen with black, white, or red, color and there is no considerable price difference in colors. The black model is described in this review, and its exact model number is AB-AirFryer100B. The other two are the same, with the only difference being the letter at the end. In addition to air frying, this model is capable of roasting and baking purpose. Grilling is also now made possible in the way that the included wire mesh basket will enable fats to drain from food while cooking. Don’t expect the same taste you’d get with a contact grill, especially if you usually eat meats seared.

This  Avalon Bay air fryer has 304 heating elements with a fan present on the top of the machine. The grill elements usually warm up inside the fryer. The fan present in the air fryer gives off the air to all the parts of the food, as a result, the hot air cooks food really well. All these things get completed in a short time, and it cooks food very fastly. It eliminates fat from the food rather than adding oil. The amount of oil is less in the food comparatively, and there is no greasy smell in your kitchen.

Product Description

BrandAvalon Bay
Item Dimensions34.3 x 27.9 x 32.4 cm
Item Weight6 kg
Item model numberAB-Airfryer100B
capacity3.3 qt


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Features Of Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100B Airfryer

Unique design and outstanding results

The Avalon Bay Airfryer has a sleek and compact design along with non-slip feet to make sure it doesn’t topple off the bench top. It has a non-stick food basket which enables the heat to circulate evenly across the chamber, thereby enabling a uniform cooking. The handle top makes it easier to carry and store food prepared. The 3.2L mesh basket, with a quick release helps you in removing the basket without any effort.

Cooking Basket Capacity

It has a mesh metal basket of the Avalon Bay which is circular in shape, measuring about 8 inches length and 3.5 inches in depth. Which means that you can adjust anywhere starting from four to six chicken drumsticks, depending on their size.

Temperature Control

The Avalon Bay Airfryer has adjustable temperature control which enables you to preset your favorite temperature for cooking, which depends on the food you want the most. This Air Fryer enables you to select the temp between 176°F and 400°F.As we have said, the AB-100B has a built-in timer which switches this puppy off after 30 minutes, hence you don’t have to think about switching it on when you head to work or sit comfortably on a plane.


The temperature range that is mentioned above is responsible for making this fryer versatile. Moreover, the detachable mesh basket and racks come up to give multiple cooking options, baking and frying all at once.

Safety & Build Quality

This Air Fryer is safer than a traditional deep fryer by just being an air fryer. Moreover, even among its contemporary Air Fryers, it stands apart as an extremely user-friendly because of the non-slip legs and a built-i timer.As far as build quality is concerned, the basket is constructed of non-stick coated metal mesh as well as sturdy plastic.

Pros & Cons:


  • Less expensive than more well-known brands
  • Works well on most frozen, pre-packaged foods
  • Easy clean-up
  • Reports on dealing with customer service are all good


  • Large appliance, takes up a lot of room on counter
  • Mixed reviews on successful results with fresh foods
  • Doesn’t come with a cookbook

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“Everything cooks perfect, and no hassle cleaning, love it. The best is that tikkas, fish etc stay moist and dont dry up.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“ But it works great i made crispy chicken without oil at all and also got oil out from my foods. With Non stick basket and pan , so its very easy to clean and dry them off.. ”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are searching for highly hassle-free Air Fryer, this Air Fryer is obviously a very good investment for you without disturbing yoyr budget. I found 526 customer reviews at the time of reviewing this product and they had awarded this drilling machine 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall.  But there were a few negative points that came in front of me. One customer also said that “ No cook book comes with this model, the booklet that does come with it has a list for times and temps of some foods”However, no another customer seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a very serious problem. So overall it is worth buying.

Final Verdict

Overall, It can be concluded that the Avalon Bay Air Fryer is gaining a lot more positive reactions than negative. It contains user-friendly controls, it’s really easy to clean, and it has a nice interior cooking capacity which impresses everyone. It has got good ratings on most commonly cooked foods, and it generally costs less as compared to leading brands. This model can be a really good choice for those who wish to give air frying a try but don’t wish to spend a lot of money for a new appliance.


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